What sort of person is William Faulkner? What kind of knowledge Does the storyteller have? Can he see into people's minds?answer

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The nature of the question is quite broad, so I will try to offer up something even though it might not be exactly what you need.  Faulkner is probably one of the most gifted storytellers.  Using his native South as the background for his works, Faulkner possessed two unique gifts that enhanced his ability as a storyteller.  The first was his rich development of characters merged with their setting.  He was able to combine the sometimes tragic and sometimes pathetic nature of the South to his characters, and allowed the reader to see the nuances in both setting and people.  At the same time, he was able to richly develop the notion of past and present.  It was Faulkner who coined the phrase, "Sometimes, the past isn't buried.  Sometimes, it's not even past."  The implication here is that we, as human beings, constantly live in a mental continuum where time and memory are configured and reconfigured constantly.  This adds to his ability to as a storyteller because he is able to create characters who are vibrant and dynamic, bearing multiple dimensions.  In this light, Faulkner's ability to present many different angles of perception not only enhance his ability as a storyteller, but also help to see into the motivations and beliefs of characters, creating an emotional pallet from which both reader and protagonist can draw in order to relate to one another.  This ability is something that makes Faulkner a powerful and formidable writer.