Is William Blake the speaker in "The Tyger?"Please tell me why or why not.

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William Blake was a Romantic poet. Based upon this, his poetry tended to revolve around the importance nature and imagination.

One could argue that, in the poem, Blake questioned nature and its role in the world. For the Romantics, nature was very important. The imagery of nature was used to allow readers to also question life and the things around them.

In "The Tyger," Blake (as the writer) questions

the creation of the tiger based solely upon the fact that he finds it hard to believe that the same hand (God's hand) created the lamb.

Given that, one can only assume that Blake is the speaker in the poem based upon the fact that he wrote the poem. The poem contains open-ended questions which force the reader to consider the answers. Unfortunately, for the reader, the questions are unanswerable. Therefore, given that Blake is wanting the reader to consider the creation of the "tyger," one could easily assume that Blake, himself, is the speaker.

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I believe that William Blake is the speaker of his poem “The Tyger” because throughout his life he was always interested in religion and was very different from his peers.  This poem is really thinking outside the box, it questions everything that most religious people have learnt.  I believe that he was smart enough to question these things.  From a very young age Blake has talked about many religious things like seeing God and angels.  William Blake had many other interesting ideas, he had great respect for the Bible but he detested the church.  For the sole reason that William Blake had many different ideas about religion, I believe that he was the speaker in ‘The Tyger”


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