In Paul's Case, what exactly is wrong with Paul? Please explain as much as possible.

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This is mainly a matter of speculation, but I would argue that Paul appears to be trapped in a world of delusion and fantasy, a world largely of his own making. Paul fantasizes about the opulent lifestyles of Pittsburgh's rich and famous, people he very much admires. But instead of buckling down to the kind of sustained hard work and study that might actually get him to where he wants to be in life, he'd much rather remain in his comfort zone of fantasy.

Everyone has dreams, but Paul is one of life's inveterate dreamers. For some reason, he doesn't seem to be able to function properly in the real world. There's something about the ordinary, everyday existence which we all have to lead, to some extent, that repels him and makes him want to retreat into a fantasy world of wealth and glamor. Paul seems either unwilling or incapable of confronting the harshness of everyday life, choosing instead to live the dream of being a wealthy young man-about-town in New York after he steals from his...

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