Will there be another "Twilight" book with Edward's point of view?There's nothing else to read about Edward.

Expert Answers
ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Stephenie Meyer is writing a sequel from Edward's point of view.  At this point in time it is entitled "Midnight Sun" and does not yet have a publication date.  Ms. Meyer had stated in interviews that she always envisioned a "book-end" set.  The first novel, "Twilight" from Bella, and the last novel "Midnight Sun" from Edward.  She has stated that she does not know when the book will be completed, but she is working on it.  Part of the original manuscript was leaked on the Internet, and she is reworking the story.

zumba96 | Student

There is a book called Midnight Sun which is written in Edward's point of view but Stephanie Meyer's has held back on writing this book since it was leaked online. Because of this she was not happy and decided to stop writing the book. 

udonbutterfly | Student

Stephanie Meyer was working on a book like that Called a Midnight's Sun. It was only going to take place during the time of Twilight. You can go over an read what she has completed on her blog here. However since the story was leaked Meyer choose not complete the book. Maybe sometime in the future we will be lucky if she finishes the story and publishes it.

glocarroll | Student

I think it would be great to read a book from Edwards point of view.I want to know exactly how he was feeling from his point of view versus reading it from Bella's.He makes the books so I want to read more!

chuckett | Student

She is already writing one called Midnight Sun

eddierogers | Student

It may or may not be in the works. Stephenie Meyer's Script was accidentally leaked, and now it's unclear whether or not she'll be writing midnight sun.