Will there ever be batteries that weigh almost nothing (for example, 5000 mAh)?

A growing number of scientists are convinced that it will one day be possible for batteries to weigh almost nothing. This may be achieved by making the body of a device the source of energy rather than a separate battery pack.

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With more and more car companies moving towards the manufacture of electronic automobiles, car batteries will take on greater significance. In future, as cars are powered by electricity, they will need to have a reliable power source that can, at the same time, lead to greater energy efficiency and increased mileage.

Roughly speaking, there are currently two approaches to the development of future car-battery technology. One is that adopted by Tesla, the electric car company. It has invented a structural battery that is embedded within the chassis, thus effectively obliterating any meaningful distinction between the battery pack and the car it powers.

The other approach, which is at a much less advanced stage overall, is to make the car's material itself the energy storage device. According to this bold conception, there would be no battery pack embedded within the chassis of a car; the chassis itself would be the energy storage device.

It is argued that one advantage to such an approach would be to reduce the weight of batteries to practically nothing. As the material of the car would also constitute the vehicle's power source, the battery would effectively be weightless. There would be no material difference between the car and the battery. In effect, the car would be the battery.

Although we've looked to developments in car battery technology in this discussion so far, the same innovations could equally apply to other machines that rely heavily on battery power, such as cellphones and drones. If such pieces of technology can be adapted to become energy storage units, then the prospect of basically weightless batteries becomes a genuine possibility.

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