will there be any movie on breaking dawn or midnight sun?

pinkflyingelephant | Student

Well technically midnight sun is Edward point of view in Twilight..

So they already have I THINK that they are going to combine Eclipse and Breaking dawn!! see the Trailers!!

editress | Student

If they had been making movies for twilight, new moon and eclipse, and not for breaking dawn, it would be odd, wouldn't it? So, I am sure they will make a movie for breaking dawn.

About Midnight sun, I am not so sure as Stephenie meyer, the author, has decided to hold back the release/ completion of the book since part of the the draft was leaked online. But I did watch an interview of hers in which she promises to continue the twilight saga from any of the other characters of the book, probably from Edward's point of view just as Midnight Sun was.

Let's just hope it arrives soon!

zumba96 | Student

As for midnight sun I highly doubt it but yes there has been a Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2. 

clf1994 | Student

They are making breaking dawn into a movie, but are breaking the movie up into two parts. Like the last Harry Potter.  As for Midnight Sun, I doubt they will make it into a movie since they haven't officially brought the book out and this book is based on Twilight, just in a Edwards POV.

trinaav | Student

Yes, there will be a movie for Breaking Dawn. Since the story is so long, Summit Entertainment is thinking about breaking the story down into two movies. If it was just one movie, it would be about 4 to 5 hours long. I doubt they can afford that much film time at once. Once they finish the Eclipse movie, 8 weeks after that, they will begin filming Breaking Dawn. I can't wait!

marioulitoula | Student

Hey!!!I think Summit Entertainment has confirmed that there will be a 4th movie ,because Eclipse is for sure not combined with Breaking Dawn!

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