Please identify the characters in Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle.

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John: The narrator of the novel. The opening "Call me Jonah" suggests a parallel to Ishmael, the narrator of Moby-Dick, and also to the Biblical Jonah.

Dr. Felix Hoenikker: An evil scientist who developed the atom bomb.

Franklin Hoenikker: Dr. Hoenikker's son.

Angela Hoenikker: Dr. Hoenikker's daughter. Very tall and extremely ugly.

Newt Hoenikker: Dr. Hoenikker's son: A dwarf who had an affair with a Russian midget.

Dr. Asa Breed: scientist, once boss of Dr. Felix Hoenikker. Ignores moral implications of his own work.

Papa Monzano: San Lorenzo's dictator,

Lionel Boyd Johnson: Based on the US President Lyndon B. Johnson.

H. Lowe Crosby and his wife, Hazel. American business people.

Earl McCabe and Bokonon: Founders of Lorenzo.

Mona: Monzano’s adopted daughter.