Will someone help me to write a short and moral story in 150–200 words?

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The first point to keep in mind is that 150-200 words is very short, less than one double-spaced page of type, or about half a page of single spaced type. You don't have much more than a couple of paragraphs to develop a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Therefore, both your moral and your story will have to be very simple.

I would come up with a moral first, such as that seemingly bad occurrences can turn out to be the best thing that ever happened. Then, I would think up a story of just one or, at most, two scenes that make that point. In paragraph one, the protagonist (and I would limit the story to one character) could, for instance, get into a car crash that gave him brain damage that took away all his aggressive instincts. He could mourn that he had become gentle, laid back, and "feminine." Then in paragraph two, he could note how his relationships had improved since he became less competitive and describe how much happier he is. Then, you could end on the moral. When thinking about this, note that this answer is almost 200 words.

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If you want to write a story with a moral, then you have to decide what that moral will be. Once you decided this, then you will be able to think creatively how you would like to write on this topic. If your limitation is only 200 words, then you will have to be clear and succinct. 

Here are an example. 

If you wanted to write about the importance of generosity, then you can write a story of a man who had everything he wanted. And even though he had everything, he woke up one day and he realized that most of the stuff that he had required other people. For example, you can't enjoy tennis by yourself. You can't play baseball alone. Going to the movies, on vacations, eating at fancy restaurants alone is not fun at all. In fact, it is very sad. The moral of the story can be: greed and the outcome of it is its own punishment. 

You can, of course, elaborate on the details.

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