Will someone help me figure out the resolution and conclusion of The Most Dangerous Game.

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The resolution of the story happens when Rainsford is found hiding in Zaroff's bedchamber the night that Zaroff thought he had won his game by default because Rainsford jumped off a cliff. Rainsford comes out from his hiding place behind the curtains and surprises Zaroff with the fact that he has outsmarted him and beat him at his own game (resolution- Rainsford wins the "game"). Rainsford managed to survive until the sun set on the final day. Defeated Zaroff is sent out into the night to become the victim of his own killer hounds or whatever perils await him on his island. Rainsford wins and sleeps the restful sleep of the victorious (conclusion). 

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the resolution is that Rainsford survives the game.

the conclusion is that Rainsford wins the game by killing Zaroff.

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