Will the results of the Big Five Personality Test remain unalterable or be able to change as a person gets older?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I tend to think that a personality test such as the Big Five is more of a snapshot at a particular time.  The traits that emerge from the test enable the participant and stakeholders to understand the condition of the subject at that moment.  There is little to suggest that these traits are fixed in a static manner.  There can be movement or change within these over time.  This becomes some of the most basic and most useful value of the results.  The results enable stakeholders to understand where strengths lie and where the opportunities to enhance strengths lie.  If one needs to gain more insight into developing greater paths to enhance Openness or Conscientiousness, the results from the inventory can allow the individuals to design avenues where these traits can be enhanced.  Results from such a diagnostic can show the individual traits to be alterable, able to change with reflection and thought.  The results are not designed to be seen as purely static.  The human personality and mind are both pliable and flexible, able to demonstrate change over time.  The results from the personality test would attest to this.

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