Analyze this quote from Ender's Game: "I will program your battles now, not the computer... From now on the enemy is more clever than you..."How would you analyze it in a short paragraph?

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This quotation, from the hero of the first Bugger War, Rackam, indicates that Ender's training has moved out of the computer-driven training into a new, unique phase.  In fact, he is close to the last training session, which is not a training session at all, but the real battle with the Buggers.  The quotation reminds thereaders that real people, with human emotions and human fears, are keeping up this war between the two cultures, and, as a kind of prelude or shadow of thebook's larger theme--the danger of assuming other cultures are aggressively hostile, just because we are "different" from them.  Ender's real gift is his ability to differentiate between computers and human beings, to recognize those traits (empathy, fear, love, etc.) that are only possessed but humans.