Will the "occupy " movement or protests accomplish anything practical?

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If the movement is able to organize and solidify, it is possible that they will accomplish more. They have certainly been able to generate a lot of media attention, not all of it positive. If they could use that attention to get out a meaningful message, they might accomplish something still.
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This is, of course, speculation, but I would argue that this movement will not accomplish anything that we will be able to clearly attribute to it.  The "Occupy" movement does not have any clear goals that will allow it to get practical things done.  Instead, its goals are much more amorphous and undefined.  They might get people to think a little differently about income inequality, but we will not be very likely to be able to detect this even if it happens.

Moreover, the movement appears to have lost its momentum.  We are hearing less and less about the movement as it has been moved out of its park in New York and similar things have happened in other cities.  At the same time, the holiday season and the Republican presidential primary have taken the public's attention away from the movement.  We will see if it returns to national prominence, but I would argue that it will not accomplish anything concrete even if it does regain its former level of visibility.

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