Is the titile "I Will Marry When I Want" related to the story?

Expert Answers
copelmat eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of course, titles of works of literature are always relevant in some way or another to the plot, theme, characters, and/or setting of a story.

Ngugi's "I Will Marry When I Want" is no different. The story concerns a peasant farmer and his wife who are coerced in mortgaging their land by a white neighbor so they can afford a "proper" Christian wedding. Of course, this nosy neighbor is far less concerned with the wedding of the peasant and his wife as he is being able to leverage the bank and take the land away from them to expand his own business. The play reveals the evils of Imperialism and the devastating effects such thought and action can have on indigenous peoples and the corruption often exerted upon others in the name of religion and progress.

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