U.S. Immigration and Migration

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Will immigration reform pass? 

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While it is impossible to know for sure what will happen, it appears that it is very likely that immigration reform will pass.  The reason for this is that the Republican Party, which has been very strongly opposed to any form of legalization for those who have come here illegally, is beginning to feel that it needs to take a different stance on the issue.  Many people in the party feel that they will continue to lose elections unless they can appeal to Hispanic voters.  They feel that they need to pass some sort of immigration reform bill so that they can change their anti-Hispanic image.  Because they have a strong incentive to compromise now, it seems very likely that an immigration reform bill will pass in some form.  It will probably allow a path to citizenship, but one that will be fairly difficult to manage.  It is also likely that some form of the “DREAM Act” will be passed since that is going to be much less controversial than an overall reform package would be.

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