Will the healthcare reforms now in progress resolve or worsen the key issues of access, costs, and quality?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is very hard to answer this question with any certainty.  First, there are many health care reform proposals out there.  Second, we do not know if "Obamacare" will be found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  Finally, those who are most expert on the subject cannot agree, with various people claiming that different programs will or will not work.

The programs that appear to have the best chance of resolving our problems are those that give defined subsidies to everyone for the purpose of buying insurance.  These sorts of programs have the greatest potential for helping because they would actually make people (and presumably insurance companies) care more about the costs of health care.  In our current system, people do not typically know or care about the true costs of their health care programs.  If they were given money to spend on health insurance, they would try to shop around to get the best possible insurance coverage.  This would put pressure on insurance companies to lower the premiums they charge.  They would, in turn, want to pressure health care providers to provide lower cost services.  This is our best chance for improving our health care system.

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