I will be doin grade 12 trigometric  functions nxt week can someone please explain what things are covered in that unit Thank You

Expert Answers
bluemtnmath87 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hi there!  It is hard to nail down with complete certainty exactly what you will be covering in your course, as that is largely dependent upon the course you're in and/or the state in which you live.  Nonetheless, there is a fair amount of consistency throughout different courses.

On average, a senior level study of trigonometric functions will include the following topics:

-General forms of trigonometric functions

-Understanding amplitude, period and phase shift (transformations)

-Graphing a periodic/trigonometric function

-Inverse trigonometric functions

-Applications of trigonometric functions

That will likely be the core of it.  Depending on your course and your teacher, this could also potentially include half-angle formulas, double-angle formulas, and trigonometric identities.


sciencesolve eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You should study mainly inverse trigonometric functions.

The chapter involving inverse trigonometric functions should cover the following topics: definition, domain, range and elementary properties of inverse trigonometric functions, graphs of inverse trigonometric functions.

You should also need to know the basic formulas of trigonometry, such that: sin `2alpha` , cos `2alpha` , tan `2alpha` , sin `3alpha` , cos `3alpha` .

You should remember the transformations of sums of like trigonometric functions in products such that:

`sin A + sin B = 2sin ((A+B)/2)* cos ((A-B)/2)`

`sin A- sin B =2cos ((A+B)/2)*sin ((A-B)/2)` ``

`cosA +cos B = 2cos ((A+B)/2)* cos ((A-B)/2)`

`cosA-cos B = -2sin ((A+B)/2)*sin ((A-B)/2)`