Will computers replace teachers?Will computers replace teachers? What are some facts?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No, computers will never replace teachers.  Computers may reduce the number of teachers needed in some grades, but they will never replace all teachers.

Teachers are needed because computers will never (I think) have the sort of real intelligence that is needed to conduct effective lessons.  A computer can, of course, tell a student if her answer on a math problem is right or wrong, but it cannot figure out how best to show the student what her mistake is and to help her understand how to correct it.  This problem becomes even more pronounced when you start thinking about classes where the answers are not so black and white.  How will a computer conduct a discussion about the Tea Party in the United States or about anti-corruption activism in India?  It cannot.

Human beings are needed to be able to make the sorts of intelligent decisions that computers cannot make.  Therefore, computers cannot replace teachers.

bookerhamilton73 | Student

I hope computers  do replace  teachers the in class rooms accept maybe for something  that's hands on like shop or mechanical  job s 

It will reduce the drop out rate  eliminate jealousy  and the teachers can't play stupid game's 

That's why most quit college  anyway  

You still  have to do research  and can pass by taking a test on subject  once a month in a class room Wich youcan watch being graded by a computer 

No more school shootings No more politics 

No more you failed because we do not have the same opinion 

aqsa12345 | Student

i have a debate what shuld i say on this topic