Why would e-commerce be suitable as a way to increase sales?  

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

E-commerce would not always be suitable as a way to increase sales for all sorts of businesses.  However, it may certainly be suitable.

E-commerce is suitable for increasing sales as long as a firm's product is suitable for selling to people who are too far away to conveniently come to a physical store.  Therefore, e-commerce would not tend to be very suitable as a way to increase grocery sales.  However, for nonperishable things, e-commerce is very suitable.  It allows people to buy from a particular firm even if they are too far away to want to come to the firm's actual place of business.

tommineri | Student

Beacuase There is so many website and software for e commerce that she made the person really confused where can choose and which he can choose. Then you must look for the best and quality in the same time for example you need software to make it easy to use not complicated or make thing harder. With the market we see now we get more and more confused which one we should choose but when you target a market look for the best and quality and how this software will help you organized and save time for your work.


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