Why do you think it is important to be in favor of women empowerment?

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Of course, not everyone thinks it is important to favor women’s empowerment. More importantly, perhaps, not everyone has the same definition of women’s empowerment. Thus, not everyone will answer this question in the same way. In my view, there are two main reasons why we should “empower” women.

The first reason is a pragmatic one. If we do not empower women, our society and economy are likely to be worse off than if we do. If we empower women, we allow them to reach their full potential. We allow (and encourage) them to become educated and enter any career that appeals to them. This means women will be able to help our economy much more than they would without being empowered. A country that keeps its women subjugated and in ignorance is throwing away half its talent. It is voluntarily reducing its economic potential in a very significant way. Therefore, we should favor women’s empowerment to increase our economic potential and, thereby, our standard of living.

The second reason is a moral one. If we do not empower women, we relegate them to second-class status in our society. A society that does that is saying women are not as important as men and should not be given the same opportunities to fulfill their potential as men. We are saying that women are less valuable and less worthwhile than men. In my view, at least, this is immoral. It is wrong to subjugate a group of people and deny them the right to realize their full potential as human beings. Therefore, we should favor women’s empowerment because it is the right thing to do and failing to empower women is immoral.

Thus, I would say we should favor women’s empowerment because it is pragmatically beneficial to us and the moral thing to do.

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