Do you think empowering employees to achieve corporate results is important?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is surely a very important thing to do in most kinds of corporations.  That is because workers who are empowered will have a much stronger feeling of motivation.  They will be more likely to work hard, to work well, and to think of ways to improve the business.  This will cause a firm to have employees who are much more productive and much more innovative.

In many kinds of firms, particularly those that are engaged in white collar work, employee motivation is a very important determinant of success.  In such firms, employees need to really care about what they are doing in order to do their best.  When they really care about their jobs, they pay more attention and they try harder.  In jobs that are not governed by the rhythm of an assembly line, this is a very important attribute.

By empowering employees, a firm is much more likely to get them to work hard and to work well.  This causes productivity and innovation to rise.  When these things rise, firms do better.  Therefore, it is important to empower one’s employees.