why is ww2 known as the good war.

mkovacs2011 | Student

World War II is known to us today as the "good war" simply because of American perception of those whom wihich we were engaged in war against. Unlike later wars such as Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. the enemy in World War II was very clear and we had an extremely clear objective. This objective was to defeat Hitler as well as to defeat Fascism. The American people had a very firm grasp on what the objective of World War II was, and who we were fighting. The American government was able to stage the arguement for going to war between the democratic Allies, (excluding Russia) and the fascist Axis (namely Nazi Germany, Italy, and Japan). The American people bought into the idea of Democracy against Fascism, and that it was a noble thing to stop the tyranny that they believed would spread because of strong fascist countries. It is because of this that World War II was known as the "good war", simply because the perception was at the time that we were fighting for a noble cause, and therefore the war was fully justified in the perception of the American people.

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