The Ultimate Safari Questions and Answers
by Nadine Gordimer

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Why has the writer chosen "The Ultimate Safari" as the name of the story?

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The author writes an epigraph before the story begins from a London travel advertisement that is trying to lure rich tourists to Africa for the "ultimate safari". Gordimer, the author, uses this epigraph and entitles her story from it to show the vast differences between the wealthy white...

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ngcarriechiwing | Student

because it is the last (ultimate) journey (safari) the narrator and her family will take to establish a home

miley07 | Student

the journey was the ultimate and the final journey to their destiny. so the title has been named so


sarah22 | Student

"THE ULTIMATE SAFARI " here refers to the last, adventurous journey of the narrator and family as they leave their village in Mozambique to go across the borders of the South Africa to the refugee camp there. This journey of theirs is their last one from their own village to the camp. With this journey, they no longer will return to their own village. In this story Nadine also tells us the hardships and miseries the Mozambique people had to face as a result of which they have to shift their residence.

sani | Student

the journey through Krugar park was done with the only purpose of saving life and finding some better opportunity to settle with the grand children so as there was no choice left with the grand mother so this expedition through forest gave this title The Ultimate Safari


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nit323 | Student

Anything that is final is termed as ultimate.A safari is a journey thruogh a national park or a reserve for pleasure.

In the story the refugees cross the Kruger Park to get away from the civil war in their village and the bandits.their journey is a safari but of a different kind (since its not for pleasure).the kruger park had wild beasts which they had to avoid.They had to leave their homes to reach the final destinantion-a refugee camp.This would probably be their last journey through the Kruger Park....

Hence the name ULTIMATE SAFARI!