The Ultimate Safari

by Nadine Gordimer

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Why has the writer chosen "The Ultimate Safari" as the name of the story?

Expert Answers

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The author writes an epigraph before the story begins from a London travel advertisement that is trying to lure rich tourists to Africa for the "ultimate safari". Gordimer, the author, uses this epigraph and entitles her story from it to show the vast differences between the wealthy white tourists and the poor black refugees of southern Africa. In the epigraph, the word "ultimate" is used to mean the best. In the title, the word "ultimate" means last. For the many people who were forced out of the narrator's village, the dangerous and difficult trek to the refugee camps is indeed their "last" safari. While traveling through the game reserve that rich white tourists pay thousands of dollars to visit, the narrator's group can smell the food of the rich tourists, while the refugees themselves are hungry, having less to eat than the buzzards. Many of them die before getting out of the park.

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