Why Wouldn't a Utopia work even if every body followed the rules?I have to challenge the statement, "A utopian community is possible if all members follow the rules." I have the obvious answers...

Why Wouldn't a Utopia work even if every body followed the rules?

I have to challenge the statement, "A utopian community is possible if all members follow the rules." I have the obvious answers like you can't control the human's greed and selfishness which would cause the downfall of the community. However I still need ten more out of the box reasons of why a utopia wouldn't work even if everyone followed the rules.

This project is based off of The GIver

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The rules would always keep changing and growing. That being said, how could everyone hope to follow all of the rules in the same way and to the same extent? In addition, unless people could be developed the same genetically, there will be different emotions and responses to the life events that take place. This would mean that the rules could not be followed in the same way by everyone.

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I think the sheer quanitity and complexity of the rules necessary to create a utopian society that functioned without a hitch would by necessity destroy the utopian aspect of it.  Life such as Jonas is accustomed is suffocatingly restrictive.  Is it really feasible to believe that no one would rebel?

Humanity is defined by individuality.  Our world offers many different cultures, but none eliminates the individual.  I don't think it would be possible to build a utopian society without stifling that flame that makes us all unique.

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The reason it would not work is that life is messy and complicated. Restrictive rules do not take this into account. In Jonas's world, the rules were designed to make people more comfortable by making them all the same, but to do so was to deny their humanity. People have free will, and they will make devastating choices sometimes. That is part of life. Take that away, and life is just not worth living.
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I would have to agree with the previous post in that no one could possibly come up with all the right rules and apply all the right exceptions and know when to bend rules for certain people, etc.  It is impossible for a utopia to function because no one is perfect.  Even if everyone followed the rules they would find ways to make mistakes that the rules do not cover.

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One reason a utopia wouldn't work in the real world is because no human being is smart enough to make up the rules that would govern a utopia.  So even if people did follow the rules perfectly, the utopia wouldn't work.

Think about the case of The Giver.  Do you really think that a group of people would be wise enough to know which people are ready to raise kids and which aren't?  Do you think that a group of people can know for sure what job each 12 year-old should be given to do for the rest of their life?  I really don't think these things are possible.

So I think utopias would fail because human beings are not omniscient.  The rules that human beings set up are always flawed and cannot possibly make a perfect society.

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