Why are beauty pageants a social issue?

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Beauty pageants are a social issue to some people because some people feel that they objectify women and reinforce antiquated sex roles in society.  In beauty pageants, women are judged largely on their looks.  They are asked to display themselves in things like bathing suits and are judged on how attractive they are.  This reinforces traditional views of women because these views hold that a woman is valuable in large part for her looks.  Therefore, beauty pageants and the idea of banning beauty pageants is at times a social issue that causes conflict between feminists and traditionalists.

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Beauty Pagents teach young ladies that they are better than others. A little competition is good, but when you put your child through pagents at 3 or 7, they will grow up to not appreciate other things in life when they lose. It's exactly like the Show on TLC called, 'Toddlers and Tiaras'. The little girls are spoiled with expensive dresses, fake teeth and eyes lashes, or hair that's fake. The Pagent moms are out of control. They take it too seriously when their daughters do not win, or when they win. To sum it up, beauty pagents are not good for ladies' self-esteem, their natural beauty, and their mental health. Socially, they will not survive.