Why would we measure volume in cubic units?Please explain why perimeter is measured in units and area is measured in square units. Please give examples to clarify your explanation.

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The perimeter is a length. Length is measured in terms of appropriate units like meters, inches, etc.

Area is a product of 2 lengths. For example the area of a rectangle is the product of the length of its sides, the area of a triangle is also the product of two lengths which in this case are the length of the base and the length of the height. As a result of this area is expressed in square units, like square meters, square inches, etc.

Volume is a product of 3 lengths. For example the volume of a cuboid with sides w, l and h is w*l*h, the volume of a sphere is (4/3)*pi*r^3, etc. As a result volume is measured in cubic units, like cubic meters, cubic inches, etc.

moneymaker99 | Student

because volume measuers three things