So, why would characters in New Moon look ancient if they are vampires who do not age?In New Moon the readers are introduced to the "Volturi."  The three brothers are described as looking acient....

So, why would characters in New Moon look ancient if they are vampires who do not age?

In New Moon the readers are introduced to the "Volturi."  The three brothers are described as looking acient. We are told the "Volturi" are over 3000 years old but no where does it say they were old when they were turned to vampires. The other fact that would be used to not have the "Volturi look old is that people that lived 3000 years ago only had alife expectancy of about 35 years."

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my opinion, this is a figurative description in regards to both New Moon and in regards to the original Twilight.  In fact, I remember feeling the same way when reading a similar description in the original novel.  Even if someone like Edward looks young, he can be described as looking "ancient" if his general demeanor (and even his actions surrounding his demeanor) seems to project great age.  Simple looks can declare wisdom.  Often this idea revolves around the eyes and how they are figuratively "the windows to the soul."  Small noticeable moments, like the lack of becoming defensive in an argument and not feeling the need to talk too much, can also prove someone wise beyond his years.  Also adding to the projection of wisdom are the stories these vampires tell of times long past, . . . times that young and old people today would consider to be far before their time.

little-alice | Student

The Volturi's Aro, Marcus and Caicus are old with wisdom; they are in their 30's frozen with age. But, yes, they are older then 3000 years. Carlisle "The Blonde Angel" is also in his mid/late twenties and into his early thirties, although he is past 300 years old and working on 400.

Aro is the leader of the Volturi (for those who don't know what the Volturi is, as Edward says; "The Volturi is the closest thing we have to royalty." It is a family consisting of many vampires with outstanding abilities that not many Vampires are lucky to have.

Edward can read minds, he and his sister Alice (No, unfortunately, not me) who can see the future to the best of her ability, were asked many of a times to join the Volturi. They both said "no" staying with their in so many ways family. Jasper, also, has uncanny abilities to change peoples moods. Jane, one of the Volturi members can make you feel the worst pain imaginable, with only looking at you. It is only a figment of the mind though. Alec, Jane's twin brother has a power that is the exact opposite of Jane; he can make you feel nothing, nothing at all; he makes you feel numb. Makes you feel nothing. Aro, the head of the Volturi can read minds, but, unlike Edward, he has to touch you and only what you are thinking at that time period.

There are many other powers of the Volturi, more then I can think of right now at the moment. I might come up later and finish up some more vampires with uncanny abilities. :)

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♥Little Alice!♥

udonbutterfly | Student

The reason I think that the Volturi were described as ancient instead of old was to describe their demeanor that seems past their ages. And of course do not forget about how inactive they are so their skin is not going to be as strong looking because they are royalty. I remember in Breaking Dawn when the Roman Coven commented how, just like them, their papery skin had been caused by "sitting so high on their stools."

clf1994 | Student

It's not that their age its self is anciet.  It's that they dress ancient.  They were ffrom so many years before that I believe they are just acustomed to wearing that type of clothing making them appear old looking.  Also if you add to much make-up to a character, on screen, they are gonna appear much older when their not.  Hope that helps.. :)

well, this is debatable but my opinion is that the Volturi are described as old in vampire life. they are not described old in looks, they are described old in social class status.



spazzer23 | Student

Well if you were to live 3000 years i think that time would effect you even though you can live forever. Your physical apperance would change i think.(also the author could have put that in to define the characters more)