1984 Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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Why would someone want to join the Junior Anti-Sex league in 1984?

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In Oceania, the totalitarian regime controls every aspect of society, and Big Brother requires complete observance from all Party members. The threatening, intimidating nature of the Party is a significant incentive to behave completely orthodox and stay on Big Brother's good side. Young women like Julia who have joined the Anti-Sex League understand the importance of remaining completely orthodox in the Party's eyes. Whether or not the girls actually believe in the tenets of the Anti-Sex League is up for debate, but each member is well aware of the consequences they'll face if they engage in promiscuity or disobey the principles of the Party. Also, government propaganda makes sex seem like a "disgusting minor operation" because it does not want woman and men to create loyalties towards each other. Therefore, young woman are motivated to join the Anti-Sex League because they feel that it is their duty to the Party, they are avoiding the harsh consequences of being promiscuous, and believe sexual intercourse is a disgusting affair.

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