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Why would multiculturalism lead to creativity? Provide examples.

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People who expose themselves to multicultural experiences are able to view situations from varied perspectives. By exhibiting an openness to new ideas and diverse cultural lenses, these people more readily exhibit creativity, because they recognize the wide scope of the human experience.

Living exclusively within the norms of one culture limits the way a person is able to consider his world. Likewise, putting together groups of people who share the same general background, culture, and socioeconomic status offers little room for divergent or visionary conversation.

Multiculturalism fosters collective knowledge, which helps to expand the limits of all that is possible. It also fosters a celebration of diversity, which encourages mental stimulation and motivation.

Practically speaking, teachers often rely on the benefits of multiculturalism to foster creativity in their classrooms. Young students just beginning school are often only familiar with the people who live with them. Yet at school, they are often placed into classes with other students from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. Good teachers are able to celebrate the diversity of individual students in order to cultivate new perspectives for the entire group.

In young classes, this may mean reading books together about diverse cultures, eating new ethnic foods, participating in cultural celebrations as a class, and learning a bit about the languages of other cultures. These types of activities stimulate students' ability to see their world in a more complex way, and they often demonstrate what they have learned in creative outlets: art, music, cooking, and dance. A multicultural foundation allows students to recognize beauty in many forms, which develops their creative capacities.

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