Why would a man like Mr. Underwood, hater of Negroes, cover Atticus at the jail in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Mr. Underwood was protecting Atticus from the angry mob that was trying to kill Tom Robinson.

Mr. Underwood is the newspaper man.  He values Atticus’s life, and wants to protect him.  While he may not want to save Tom Robinson’s life, he would want to protect Atticus.

Mr. Underwood had no use for any organization but The Maycomb Tribune, of which he was the sole owner, editor, and printer. (ch 15)

Mr. Underwood not only runs the newspaper, he lives out of the office.  So while the mob was able to get the sherrif Heck Tate out of the picture, and Atticus was unarmed, Mr. Underwood was there to protect him.

Mr. Underwood and a double-barreled shotgun were leaning out his window above The Maycomb Tribune office. (ch 15)

Chances are that Mr. Underwood was not willing to allow violence under his watch one way or another, but he certainly would not let anything happen to Atticus.


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