Why would a family move from a rural area to a urban area?  

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There are many reasons why a family may relocate from a rural area to an urban area. Sometimes the choice is based on the economics of the family. The decision can also be based on personal preferences or health reasons.

Economically, an urban environment can offer many advantages. While the cost of living may be higher, there are also a larger quantity of jobs. Also, in some large, concentrated urban environments there is public transportation and more things are within walking distance. This makes the expense of owning a car and keeping it insured unnecessary. Smaller spaces in urban dwelling can also mean a decrease in the expense of maintaining land, especially if homeowners have difficulty maintaining it themselves and have had to hire outside help.

Sometimes, families move into an urban area because there are more educational or cultural resources available. It is easier to go to a museum ten minutes away by bus than one that is an hour and a half drive. Also, some people prefer the bustle and crowds of a large city to the privacy and sometimes isolation of a rural community. As with the economic side of the equation, the smaller housing and lack of large areas of land can be a draw for people who can no longer care for their land or do not prefer to have as much land to tend.

The reasons for moving from a rural environment to an urban environment are as varied as the families making the move. Some have been in a rural environment for generations and are looking to change. Some moved to a rural area with unrealistic expectations of what life would be like and desire to move back to a city environment. Many are driven by economic or personal needs and desires. 

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