Why did Candide and Cacambo leave El Dorado?

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Even though El Dorado is filled with splendour and great wealth, Candide and Cacambo leave because Candide wants to go back and pursue Cunegonde. Initially, Baron Thunder Ten-Tronckh, Cunegonde’s father, had walked in on Candide kissing his daughter, an act that he deeply frowned upon especially due to the fact that Candide was a commoner and his daughter a noble. He, therefore, ordered that Candide is ejected from both the castle and Westphalia.

With his newfound wealth, however, Candide is confident that the baron will welcome his advances towards Cunegonde. He, therefore, sets off from El Dorado with over thirty sheep loaded with diamonds, gold, and gems among other gifts. Unfortunately, even after paying for the freedom of the baron, Cunegonde, and the other baron’s relations, the baron is still too proud to allow the union of the two. Candide, determined to tie the knot with his lover, hatches a plan with his advisors to dispose of the baron in Rome after which he and Cunegonde finally marry. The two, much to Candide’s regret, end up living a miserable life.

MaudlinStreet eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Remember that Candide and Cacambo were raised under a different socio-economic system that the citizens of El Dorado. Essentially, they were restless and unfulfilled by the idea of being equal to everyone all the time. Candide of course still yearned for Cunegonde, and he uses that desire as at least one reason for leaving the utopia. But they also have a very material motivation...they want to be rich. Even though they want for nothing in El Dorado, they surmise that if they leave with the jewels and sheep of the country, they will become rich beyond belief. Those who have never seen El Dorado would pay mightily for its riches, and Candide and Cacambo can live better than they ever imagined off the wealth.

linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

That's an interesting question. Eldorado was a place where even the mud was made of gold and the stones were jewels. The society is technologically advanced, and the people are peaceful. There are no religious conflicts, and they don't even have a court system because there is no crime. You would think Candide would consider himself in heaven.

However, Candide is in love with Cunegonde. He has vowed to marry her, and so he longs to be with her. Even in a place full of riches, he has nothing because he doesn't have her. So he and Cacambo decide to leave Eldorado--but not without loads of jewels!

meylawhite | Student

It is so he can find his true love cunegonde and keep her safe from the horrible things and influences found in this world!

paigeamber420 | Student

Wow, really?

Did you even read? Candide is in love with Cunegonde and will do anything to see her again until she had unattractible. If Candide would have stayed at El Dorado the entire purpose of the novel would be defeated.

william08 | Student

Now, although Eldorado may have seemed like a utopia, Candide had such an urge to unite himself with Cunegonde once more, and fulfill his hearts desires, as well as being able to use the riches he picked up in Eldorado to make himwealthy in the "REAL WORLD".

giorci | Student

Because even though Cunegonde was about to get married to another person and the place where he was was very nice and perfect considering its society, he vainly loved Cunegonde so he wanted to do anything to marry her, so he left Eldorado for her!

faddah | Student

He left El Dorado because he wanted to see Cunegonde. Even though he got a lot of money and jewels from there he would rather have Cunegonde. He did take the money though but he ended up losing most of it but it didn't really matter because he wanted to see cunegonde

yasminsilva12 | Student

I believe that they left because they had the thrust to make change, and the noticed that in El dorado everyone was the same because they all believed in the same thing, went to the same places and it was too perfect. I believe that, that is not what candide want to make out of his life.

kuller | Student

I think that over the course of the book, Candide matures, going from pure optimism, to realistic optimism. Maybe he left Eldorado because he realises that there too it's almost too good to be true. Leaving and going to come other place also might bring back the optimism that he lost being in Eldorado.

joanakika | Student

Because he wanted to meet Cunegonde

nicoicario | Student

Ghery it's obvious! Because even though Cunegonde was about to get married to another person and the place where he was was very nice and perfect considering its society, he vainly loved Cunegonde so he wanted to do anything to marry her.

gabriellazoia | Student

Cacambo faithfully bidded to Candide´s will, and Candide needs to fulfill his selfish heart. He always wants something else, and is never content or grateful for what he has received or still miraculously has, such as his life.