Why did Candide and Cacambo leave El Dorado?

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Even though El Dorado is filled with splendour and great wealth, Candide and Cacambo leave because Candide wants to go back and pursue Cunegonde. Initially, Baron Thunder Ten-Tronckh, Cunegonde’s father, had walked in on Candide kissing his daughter, an act that he deeply frowned upon especially due to the fact that Candide was a commoner and his daughter a noble. He, therefore, ordered that Candide is ejected from both the castle and Westphalia.

With his newfound wealth, however, Candide is confident that the baron will welcome his advances towards Cunegonde. He, therefore, sets off from El Dorado with over thirty sheep loaded with diamonds, gold, and gems among other gifts. Unfortunately, even after paying for the freedom of the baron, Cunegonde, and the other baron’s...

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