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Why might ‘brick-to-click’ banks (banks that offer some online banking yet still have a physical location) be the best for someone to bank with?

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Banks which have both a physical presence and an online presence offer customers the best of both worlds.  They offer the convenience of online banking, but they also have the physical branch present for times when customers need something that cannot be accomplished online.

Today’s consumers expect most things to be available to them online.  They expect the convenience of being able to do things like checking their balances from home.  They expect to be able to have bills paid automatically by their bank.  These sorts of things are only possible if the bank offers online banking.

However, there are still times when customers need their banks to have a physical presence relatively near to them.  Some people might need to make large deposits that cannot be processed through ATMs.  Other people might not feel as confident doing all of their banking online (particularly if they are older) and may feel the need for a physical bank. 

I would predict that banks will not need as much of a physical presence in the future as technology improves and as people become more used to using technology.  For now, though, a “brick to click” bank will have advantages over others in terms of offering customers what they want.

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