Would it benefit humans to live on one super continent?  Explain why.

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Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There would be advantages and disadvantages to such a situation, mostly dependent on how society were arranged politically.  For example, supposing that all mankind were one political unit, all could share in the natural resources, without the obstacle of water getting in the way of transport and sharing.  One political unit would presume free trade amongst all parts of Pangea, assuring a good distribution of all that was needed.  On the other hand, if the people of Pangea are in separate political units, there would be fewer natural barriers to protect them from one another, particularly oceans, which often act as a kind of geographical defense for countries.  From a geographical perspective, I think this would work well, but from a political perspective, I would anticipate many difficulties. 

lucek | Student

In general No. Humans have evolved to our currect enviroment. A super contonent would mean our enviroment would be vastly different. For one without the americas in their current position the world would be much hotter due to the change in oceanic currents.

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