Identify an aspect of appreciation in Plath's "Mirror."

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one area of  appreciation that emerges in the poem is the relationship that the woman has with the mirror.  The personification of the mirror is quite powerful in the poem.  One can appreciate the voice of the mirror in the poem.  This voice is precise and deliberate.  In a world where so much is changing and in flux, the voice of the mirror is absolute.  It does not lie.  The woman cries when she sees her reflection in the mirror, almost hoping that the truth is not staring back at her.  However, she cannot escape what is there.  I think that the way Plath establishes the voice of the mirror is something to be appreciated.  She has been able to take a subject and make it uncompromisingly real.  No matter what we do, our reflection always stares back at us.  The uncompromisingly brutal condition of truth can be found in the mirror.  The manner in which Plath has constructed this voice in the poem is something to be appreciated.  Plath's poem makes anyone think and reflect upon the role of the mirror in their own lives and what it would say about their own state of being in the world.  It is here in which I think that an aspect of appreciation in the poem can be discovered.

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