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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a matter of personal opinion and different people could give different answers.  My own view is that the world is a “messed up place” because it is inhabited by people and people are, by nature, imperfect.

We human beings are inherently selfish.  We are able to overcome this selfishness in many instances, but it seems to be part of who we are.  Because we are selfish, we tend to try to get what is best for us and for other people that we deem to be “like us.”  By trying to get what is best for us and those like us, we tend to make the world “messed up.”

If you think about the ways in which the world is “messed up,” you can see that they are connected to our selfishness and what could be called our “tribalism.”  Radical Muslims are engaging in terrorism because they want more for people “like them,” which they define as people who share their religious beliefs.  We are putting our planet at risk of global warming because we selfishly want more material goods and we do not really care about what happens to our posterity.  People in Europe and America are unwilling to take in refugees in part because they do not want to spend money on people who are not like them and they do not want people who are not like them in their country.  Essentially any problem that you can identify seems to come back to the fact that we human beings are selfish and tribal.  This (in my view) is why the world is a messed up place and why it always has been a messed up place.