In "To Kill a Mockingbird", why won't Mr. Cunningham work for the WPA?

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The initials "WPA" stand for Works Progress Administration.  The Works Progress Administration was a government program set up by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression.  The program was supposed to create jobs for many unemployed people.  It did this by paying them to do a variety of things like building bridges and town recreation centers and things like that.

Mr. Cunningham doesn't want to work for the WPA for two reasons.  First, he doesn't want his land to go to waste (because he wouldn't be able to work on it).  Second, he doesn't want to have to suck up to someone to get the job.

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He was trying for the first time to be a part of Maycomb county.  However, that backfired.  It wasn't really that he wouldn't work, but he was just so lazy and accustomed to doing whatever he wanted whenever he wanted that he they had to fire him.  The man is just plain lazy. He spends his wellfare checks on booze instead of providing for his kids.  Perhaps he even applied for the job simply to be fired so that he could blame Atticus.  He was that upset with him that he was willing to go out of his way to tarnish his name.  Besides, why work for a little money when he can get it from the government for free each week?  That's always been his attitude.

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