New Moon Questions and Answers
by Stephenie Meyer

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Why won't Edward change Bella in New Moon?  He wanted to in number one, why not now? Nothing's changed.

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Author Stephenie Meyer uses religious themes and allegories throughout her Twilight series, and the second book, New Moon, is no exception.

We get an idea of Carlisle’s and Edward’s self-perception in the second chapter, “Stitches.” As he tends to her injury, Carlisle tells Bella why he and his family live virtuously despite the difficulty: he is still hopeful that an honorable life—mortal or immortal—merits redemption. Let’s look at some excerpts from their conversation.

"I’m sure all this sounds a little bizarre, coming from a vampire." He grinned, knowing how their casual use of that word never failed to shock me. “But I’m hoping that there is still a point to this life, even for us. It’s a long shot, I’ll admit,” he continued in an offhand voice. “By all accounts, we’re damned regardless. But I hope, maybe foolishly, that we’ll get some measure of credit for trying.”

. . .

Carlisle guessed the direction of my thoughts again. “Edward’s with me up to a...

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