Why won't Edward change Bella in New Moon?  He wanted to in number one, why not now? Nothing's changed.

Expert Answers
mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Edward never wanted to change Bella, not even in the first book.  So, you are right, nothing has changed.  Edward regards himself as a monster, a thing of nightmares, and he doesn't want Bella, who he loves, to become like that.  Creatures that have to kill and drink blood--it's not a pretty life to live.  Because of the negative sides of being a vampire, he doesn't want to change Bella at all.  Or course he wants to be with her forever, but he realizes that changing Bella is irreversible; it is forever.  Once that step is taken, they can't take it back.  He mentions in book two that he is worried about Bella's parents--they would grow and age, and she would always be the same.  Also, getting changed changes one's appearances too; he knew that her parents would notice.  She would have to leave, and that would be abandoning her parents.  It would also keep her from a normal, happy life.  So those are all of the reasons that Edward, from the beginning, doesn't want to change her, even though he wants to be with her always.  I hope that helped; good luck!