Haitian Independence

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Why or why not would the madness of the attack by Haitian slave rebels in 1791 attack compromise their cause?

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The violence of the 1791 slave revolt, while certainly regrettable, did not really compromise their cause. Indeed, it led to the granting of political rights to free men of color, who generally opposed the revolt, and abolition for slaves by decree of the French National Assembly in 1794. It was obviously a tragedy of epic proportions, but in the world of Caribbean slavery, a world fundamentally based on physical violence, it was a catalyst for a long revolution that would ultimately establish Haiti as the first independent black nation in the Western Hemisphere. Many accounts of the time and since have focused on the deaths of white planters, some of whom were slaughtered by black rebels. It should also be noted that many more slaves, a factor of twenty by most historians' estimations, perished in the revolt than did whites. 

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