Why whould individuals wake up to the environmental concerns?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The basic premise of the question demands to analyze the need for action and awareness in the issue of the environment.  Indeed, this is a critical element.  Part of the reason why individuals should heed the calls for environmental awareness is that individuals can play a role in taking a more proactive stance in the protection of the environment.  Only in the last twenty years has the issue of the environment been seen as one in which individuals have both a role and a responsibility.  The notion of "protecting our environment" has become one where individuals are aware of their purpose and their capacity for good works.  This is relatively new in our political and social lexicon.  As the marketplace becomes more globalized, individuals are becoming aware that actions taken to increase material profit might come at cost of environmental protection, and in this vein, individuals can be more proactive in averting such practices and abuses.  This might be why now could be considered a critical time in environmental awareness as we, as individuals, are more aware of what we can do in its protection and are more conscious of what has been done in the past and present.

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