Why is the team sold by Francois and Perrault and to whom are they sold in The Call of the Wild?Basically, why is the team sold by Francois and Perrault, and who is it sold to?

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After Buck killed Spitz and took control of the sled team, they made record time on their journey to Skaguay, and they were the toast of the town. Francois and Perrault had their fill of free drinks, and the dogs were hailed by the "worshipful crowd of dog-busters and mushers." But it was the end of Buck's association with the two French men who had put their trust in him. They had "official orders": A new man would take over the team and the next mail route, joining "a dozen other dog teams" in delivering the mail to Dawson. By the time the teams had made their return trip to Skaguay, the dogs were worn out, so they were sold to a pair of newcomers to the area--Hal and Charles.