In The Bronze Bow, how did Daniel get Leah to accept the move?

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The answer to this question can be found in Chapter 11 of this exciting novel. Now that Daniel is going to move to be the blacksmith of the village and replace Simon whilst he follows Jesus around the countryside, Leah must come with him and they must leave their home where they grew up and which was inhabited by their grandmother. However, this move is going to be very difficult for Leah who is an incredibly shy young woman who hates being seen by anybody else outside of her home. Daniel is not actually the person who persuades Leah to accept the move. It is Malthace who is able to talk to her and convince her that she can do it by suggesting that she travels to her new home by riding in a cart with the curtains drawn. Malthace even jokingly compares this way of travelling to the way in which the Queen of Sheba travelled to try and convince Leah that this method of moving to her new house would give her the dignity and privacy that Leah needs. It is this suggestion that persuades Leah to make the move that is so difficult for her.


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