As revealed in Anne Frank: The Diary of A Young Girl, why were there eight people hiding in the annex and why was it necessary to remain totally silent during the day?

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Anne Frank's diary reveals many of the difficulties experienced by the families in hiding during The Nazi Occupation. In Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl, the reader is told that the family go into hiding because Margot, Anne's older sister, has received papers although, at first, Anne is led to believe that it is her father who has been called to serve in the military. Anne's family and the van Daan's, her father's business partner, will all go into hiding. The Annex is a fairly large space, part of a warehouse where the two families, and later a dentist, Mr Dussel, who comes to join them - making up the eight- will live until further notice.

They are not allowed to make any noise, even Margot can't cough, for fear that the "neighbors" might hear the noises through the walls. They are not residential buildings and the families are surrounded by a furniture factory and The Keg company. The "Secret Annex" has a secret door so that they will not be discovered. When the plumber comes to move pipes in the warehouse, in preparation for the winter, the families can't even use the toilet, for fear of making a disturbance. Rest hours are strictly observed and they have to be particularly quiet when, for example, the cleaning lady is downstairs. When there are important visitors to the office, the families remain silent "not daring to move an inch."(Tuesday April 27 1943).

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