The Southern Colonies

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Why were the Southern colonies founded?

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When speaking of the Southern colonies of America, these generally include Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Unlike the Northern colonies which were predominated by whole families and communities of religious dissenters, the Southern colonies were populated by individuals or smaller associated groups whose aims were primarily the kind of economic prosperity they could not find in England.

Because of the favorable weather with long growing seasons and plenty of precipitation, these colonies were primarily agricultural. Virginia and Maryland produced mostly tobacco, while South Carolina and Georgia focused on rice and indigo. North Carolina grew pine for lumber. Trade was a driver of the economy, and slavery made economic gains possible for those engaged in large-scale agriculture.

Virginia Colony was founded first, in 1607. Next came Maryland in 1633. North Carolina, founded in 1653, predates South Carolina by ten years, as it was founded in 1663. Last to form was the Georgia Colony, in 1732.

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