Why were the residents of Swat Valley leaving their homes in I Am Malala?

Residents of the Swat Valley were leaving their homes because life was becoming too dangerous in the region due to the ongoing war between the government and the Taliban.

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The Swat Valley has been Malala's home since the day she was born. Her family has lived in the region for generations, which makes it all the more saddening that they have to leave this very special place, the land they call home.

Simply put, the Swat Valley has become too dangerous. It is one of the main theaters of conflict in the ongoing war between the government and the Taliban. As the fighting becomes more intense, civilians are forced to decide whether they should stay or go.

Malala's father has made the decision to leave, so the whole family packs up and leaves. And they're not the only ones, either. As Malala tells us, the road out of Mingora is heaving with traffic. To make matters worse, the road is heavily patrolled by the Taliban, which as well as being somewhat intimidating also makes the journey even slower.

Mercifully, Malala's family are not harmed during their enforced departure from Mingora. But it's still a very depressing experience for them to have to leave behind the place they've always called home, and to which they're not sure that they'll ever be able to return.

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