Why were some people not satisfied with the guillotine?  

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The guillotine was introduced as a more humane execution method compared to axes and swords, which sometimes resulted in botched procedures. Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin suggested the development of the equipment and supervised its initial construction. The execution device was named after the doctor, albeit over his objections.

The guillotine was used during the revolution to execute individuals deemed to be opposing the revolution. King Louis XVI and his wife met their deaths at the guillotine much to the disapproval of several monarchs and leaders in Europe.

During its initial use, a section of the public was not satisfied with the equipment. They complained that the device was too quick, and it over simplified the event. They preferred extended suffering of the victim compared to the quick death offered by the machine. Later, the guillotine was widely accepted and became a form of entertainment for the people.

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