Why were Shakepearen's women important at that time?

eilarmos | Student

Shakespearean’s women were important basically because Shakespeare, a famous writer who had written 154 sonnets and plenty of dramas—which are all critically renowned worldwide, was born during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I: a woman, influential, powerful, esteemed.

First, it should be noted that Shakespeare became an actor and performed with a group called the “Lord Chamberlain's Men”. This group became popular that even Queen Elizabeth I, watched their performances. Having such encounter with the queen, and with the reality that was created by the society about females, especially the queen, he would have had a high esteem for women, that such is obviously manifested in many of his dramas and sonnets. Somehow, we may see it as his way of honoring his queen though his writing.

Secondly, we may also consider the women in his life; his wife Anne Hathaway and two daughters: Susanna and judith. Having them around as valued individuals or as women who contributed in the influences that created the persona of Shakespeare could be another factor that we may consider to answer why Shakesperean women areimportant at that time.

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