Why were people settling the Oregon Country? What was attracting them?

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There were several reasons why people moved to the Oregon Country. One reason people moved to the Oregon Country was to make money. People had heard that there was a lucrative fur trade in Oregon. People heard about the fortune made by John Jacob Astor. Some people went to the Oregon Country to try to get their share of the profit from the trading of furs.

Other people went for the opportunity to get land. People who went to the Oregon Country were able to farm if they settled in fertile Willamette Valley. Some people hoped they would be more successful as farmers in Oregon than they were in other areas. Some people wanted an opportunity for adventure. They hoped to get land as part of this adventure.

Reports from the Oregon Country indicated there were Native Americans living in the region. Some people realized there was an opportunity to convert the Native Americans in the region to Christianity. Therefore, missionaries went to the Oregon Country to try to help convert people to Christianity.

The idea of Manifest Destiny was on the mind of many Americans. Americans hoped to expand from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Going to the Oregon Country was part of fulfilling the goal of expanding from ocean to ocean.

There were many reasons why people moved to the Oregon Country.

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