European Exploration of America

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Why were European countries interested in exploring the New World?

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The European countries had several reasons for wanting to explore the New World. One of them was for trade. The Europeans wanted to find a shorter trade route to Asia. There were people who believed that a shorter trade route could be found by sailing west. If they could find a shorter trade route, these countries would be able to benefit from the increased trade that would result. At times, it was difficult to trade using the land routes to Asia because of wars that were occurring.

The Europeans also hoped to find riches in the New World and claim this land for themselves. If they went to a land, they could claim the land for their country. They also could then mine any gold, silver, or other resource and bring it back home. Thus, exploration could have both political and financial benefits. The Europeans viewed exploration as a way to become stronger political and economically.

The Europeans also viewed the New World as a way to spread their religion and way of life. They believed the people of the New World needed to be civilized and shown how to live. The Europeans believed their way of life was superior. They believed they needed to spread their religious faith to these inferior people who needed divine guidance offered by the religious teachings that the Europeans followed.

The Europeans had many reasons for wanting to explore the New World.

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